My name’s Ryan.  I’m a software engineer living in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I write code for Sumo Logic.

I went to school for my bachelors’ and masters’ in computer science at Purdue University, located in my home state of Indiana.  I was born and grew up in Munster, Indiana, located about 45 minutes outside of downtown Chicago. I come from a family of five diverse children.

My interests lie in systems and application development, ranging from embedded systems like the Arduino micro-controller to the Android operating system.  I also like nature, journalism and writing, and an ever-growing list of hobbies and interests that changes quite a bit over time.

The goal of this website is to highlight work that I’ve done, mainly so I can look back and see what I’ve accomplished (or at least attempted) over time. The intended audience is, well, anyone willing to read. If you would like to get in touch, feel free to contact me.


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