Java-based Map Editor and Map Viewer

This team project consisted of two parts, both built with a Java GUI. The first half, the map editor, allows a user to mark locations and paths on an image to create an overlay graph data structure. The user can also name locations and export the saved data structure as an XML file.

The second half, the map viewer, loads the map image and XML file and uses an implementation of Djikstra’s algorithm to allow the user to find the shortest path between two selected points on the map. The map viewer also outputs the steps along the path, and adds the step costs using a scale factor to calculate the total distance of the path.

You can download a zip file containing the JAR files for MapEditor and MapViewer, along with the Purdue map image and sample XML dataset:

Run the application via:

java -jar MapEditor.jar
java -jar MapViewer.jar

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