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Caterpillar iPhone App

shapeimage_1I was hired to add functionality to an existing iPhone app for Caterpillar’s tree harvesting service. The goal is to give Caterpillar the ability to track and record data about their equipment during use.

Data is stored in an Entity model using SQL Lite and the iPhone’s Core Data framework. The app follows a walk-through model, where a user proceeds to add data to a “study” (represented by an entity in the database) and record measurements for that study. The user can also view a history of all studies on the device.

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CityBus iPhone App


CityBus iPhone is currently in development as part of a Purdue ACM SigApp application. As of now we have a tab-based interface with one tab displaying a MapKit UI with route overlays and the other tab with a UITableView representing the route selections. Certain stops can also be turned ‘on’ via annotations. Touching a bus stop annotation opens a UIWebView to display live data from the CityBus website on a certain stop visit collectiveray.

The latest version requires iOS 4.0+ and uses the latest API for MKPolylines to draw overlays on the map.

Visit the project page here.